The Ava Sky woman is one who truly loves to live!  She takes the time to smell the ocean and listen to the waves.  She is happy with herself and is comfortable in her own skin.  She laughs at adversity and cries at sappy movies.  She knows who she is, goes for what she wants, and appreciates what she has.  She is all woman.

“The clothing is always second to the woman," according to designers Lan Chung and Rona Bennett.  "It should not define her, but allow the world a glimpse of her nature.  We design for the woman who feels sexy in simplicity."

Lan and Rona are inspired by their lives in Hawaii and travels to other exotic destinations.  Ava Sky embodies a sense of relaxation from everyday life.  “Whether it's 5 minutes at the end of the day with a glass of wine or lounging poolside on a Sunday afternoon, we want everyone to enjoy that moment when you can just be.”