Discussing 'AN ENDLESS SUMMER' with Elise Wood


Chit chatting with our gorgeous model Elise Wood, who spent the day shooting with us for the upcoming An Endless Summer Collection. 

Sorry for making you jump on a horse for this shoot, (our bad) how did you feel shooting with them for the first time?

I felt pretty comfortable, I spent some time around horses in my childhood. I just hope I look as natural as I felt! They're so beautiful. 

P.s she looked natural and of course beautiful.


You're heading to a beach party, the only rule is that you have to wear Ava Sky, how would you put together the raddest outfit using our new collection?

I'd have to go for a matching set! A high waisted pant with the matching tank top. I love the bold patterns and colors, it would be super easy to pair with jewelry and simple slip on flats.


Did you know that Rihanna actually wore Ava Sky when she was here on Vacation? Which one of her songs would be the perfect theme song for this collection?

Work! - it has a fun and flirty feel that reflects this collection.


We have three color ways for our petunia print - if you could put together another color combo what would it be?

Black and white is such a timeless color combo - it would look great in the petunia print.


If we designed a Dress Elise in honor of you (and represents you), what would this dress look like? In which of our new prints?

An Elise dress would be a scaled down petunia print - black and white - with buttons down the front and a collar.

Woah! We love that!


Quick! Pick your favorite dress from this collection!

Jumper Spice in black - a classic!
Fighting Eel